Who shall go for Us? . . . send me !

You really can make a difference between Life and death . . . !


Justified by Faith Alone !

bethesdaBut it is a faith which works by love . . .  

Now it was not written for his (Abraham’s) sake alone . . . But for us also, to whom it shall be imputed (reckoned), if we believe on Him that raised up Jesus our Lord (Sovereign King) from the dead . . .      Who was delivered (given up) for our offenses,* (ref: Romans 8:31-34) and was raised again for our justification. Therefore . . . being justified* by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ !”                                                    Romans 4:17-25 and 5:1, 12-19 and 6:1-6

Justified (H6663) = to make clear, to cleanse, to make righteousness
(G1344, 1342) = to render, declare just, innocent, free, holy, and righteous !

The Lord would have His people sound in the faith– not ignorant of the great Salvation so abundantly provided for them. They are not to look forward, thinking that at some future time a great work is to be done for them; for the work is now complete !

The believer is not called upon to make his peace with God; he never has nor ever can do this. He is to accept Christ as his Peace, for with Christ is God and peace.      Christ made an end of sin, bearing its heavy curse in His own body on the tree (II Peter 1:24), and He hath taken away the curse from all those who believe in Him as a personal Saviour (Galatians 3:8-14). He makes an end of the controlling power of sin in the heart, and the life and character of the believer testify to the genuine character of the grace* (G5485) of Christ.

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Having nothing . . . Having it All !

And He said, Go ye into all the world, and proclaim the Glad Tidings to every creature. He that believeth and is baptized (in the Spirit) shall be Saved (delivered, set free, rescued, healed, and made whole) !”     Mark 16:15-16

    Go ye . . . . and that means you and I !
Into all the world can be as far away as Africa, or even your own neighborhood. The Lord Jesus Christ (Yehushua ha Moshiac) is coming back very Soon !   And He has called us as His disciples to do each day, the works which He did while He was here upon the earth. All He needs is your heart, and will . . . willing to be spent for His kingdom and His glory !

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