The Resurrection and the Life !

empty-tomb (2)     “And we declare unto you Glad Tidings, how that the Promise which was made unto the fathers, GOD hath fulfilled (filled full) the same unto us their children, in that He hath raised up Jesus again . . . That we also should rise to walk in newness of Life !”    Acts 13:32-33 & Romans 6:4

“Jesus (Yehushua) said unto her . . . I Am the Resurrection, and the Life: he that believeth in Me (The Word of GOD), though he were dead, yet shall he live. And whosoever liveth and believeth in Me shall never die !
Believeth thou this . . . ?”
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The Victory of Faith !

For as many as are born (begotten) of GOD overcometh the world. And this is the Victory that overcometh the world, even our Faith !”     I John 5:4

Christ Promised the gift of the Holy Spirit to His church (congregation), and the Promise belongs as much to us as to the first disciples. But like every other Promise, it is given on conditions . . . .

So what are those conditions ? Continue reading