“For when they shall say, Peace and safety . . . then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape!

But ye brethren, are not in darkness, that day should overtake you as a thief . . . For ye are children of the Light . . . Therefore let us not sleep as others; but let us watch and be sober!”              I Thessalonians 5:3-6

Please contact us for a set of FREE materials to help prepare you and
your family for what is soon to break upon the world as an overwhelming surprise! We offer this set of Biblical materials free of charge to all who call
or write to us. This set includes both video and written studies which clearly explain Bible prophecies revealing the final events just before the 2 advent (return) of Jesus Christ (Yehushua ha Moshiac).

Will His return be visible to everyone? Will we escape the great tribulation as spoken of in the 12th chapter of Daniel? How will Christians know how to identify the “anti-christ” ? Who is this beast power of Revelation 13, and what exactly is the “Mark of the Beast”? Have the 7 trumpets of Revelation already begun to sound? And what is the last great act in this earth’s sinful history ?

You may use the address below to write us directly. Or please use the email address below, if you would like to send a gift through PayPal to help with the Lord’s work here at the ministry.

Thank you for your interest in Bible prophecy and the return of our Lord and Saviour. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

your friend and brother,

New Contact Address –
Eric Wilson and family – Isaiah Ministries
P.O. Box  237

Mountain Home, NC 28758     –    ( )
(828) 483-6078

25 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Dear Bro. Wilson,
    I was abused by my parents as a baby and for the 1st 30 years of my life. My life was an experiment. Later in life, when I was depressed out of my mind, I was encouraged to go into therapy. I was hypnotized there. Now, I hear voices and it must be from the wrong side. Jesus doesn’t talk to us like that. I’m like “Who is this talking to me?” Then the voice will stop talking. What am I to do? I have been in church a very long time. The ones who encouraged me to go into therapy were the Pastor and his wife. Life has been very horrible for me and still is. Will you contact me and tell me where I am to go now? I have given myself to Jesus my entire life and now that I have awakened from sleep, I find myself in this predicament. (I say I have awakened because we were in a horrible car wreck in ’09 and I have been on pain med’s the past 9 years. I stopped taking them 5 months ago and have finally awakened from my drug induced sleep. No one else will help me.) I need direction, but not from my therapist. I am reading my Bible again and a lot of our other books and SOP. All of our books have become Brand New! Even my Bible has become Brand New. I am seeing things I never saw before. But I didn’t miss out on life here to miss out on life in Heaven with Jesus too. They ruined my life here and no one will take away what Jesus did for me on the cross. Not even me. I know that I hold the key to Paradise based on my choices and the force of my will. Jesus paid it all and is in the Sanctuary administering His benefits to my life now. I want all of my sins placed on his head. Let’s crush his head through Jesus merits! Please contact me. There must be something I can do to be rid of the other side inside of my head. This is not working. Lord, help me!

    Have a good day. And thank you for sharing your knowledge with us on Amazing Discoveries.
    Thank you Sir.

  2. Shalom (peace) Mr.Eric and Ms. Sarah Wilson,

    I have a question for you, do you think it is ok to practice Krav Maga for a believer in Yahushua (Jesus), the Messiah?

    I think that Krav Maga is a system of defense without a spiritual root, is not it?

    I would like to practice a more soft martial art without spiritual roots, but Krav Maga is what I know for now.

    I have been thinking in this words of Yahushua: “Ye have heard that it hath been said, ‘An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.’But I say unto you that ye resist not evil, but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also”.-Mathew 5:38-39.

    From this text I understand the we no longer have to apply the curse on the Law in our brothers sons of Adam and the have to be mild as sheeps from Yahweh.

    But Yahushua did not let people hit him before he was going to die in the Calvary for us. Yahushua escaped from the hand of his enemies like here in Luke 4:28-30:

    “Then all those in the synagogue, when they heard these things, were filled with wrath,
    and rose up and thrust Him out of the city; and they led Him unto the brow of a hill whereon their city was built, that they might cast Him down headlong.
    But He (Yahushua), passing through the midst of them, went His way”.

    I would like to learn how to escape from my enemies without hurting others.

    There is also a commandment in which we have to defend women from being raped in Deuteronomy 22:25-27.

    I also would like to defend myself or my family from being raped or kidnaped.

    But I think that we have to be ready to die in any moment for the Name of Yahushua Ha Mashiakh.

    I hope that you answer me soon Mr. Eric WIlson with the wisdom that Yahweh has given to you.

    May Yahweh guard you and keep you with love.

    Shalom (peace),

    Benjamín Urrutia.

  3. Hello Brother Eric greetings from Australia, ironically i was born July 20 1969–day man landed on moon But 4 yrs later Bruce Lee died on July 20 –“73,,,so that got me mind set on martial arts as a 10 yr old kid, i was into UICHI RYU karate, i never liked doing kartas i just wanted to be fast and sharp,,,,ANY WAYS after watching your documentaries,, and all the symbology of the circle with the dot in middle or the snake curling round to eat it,s tail, and how you said when ya went into your masters house and he finally talked about spirits and showed that circle with the dot in his house,,,,,, IT GOT ME THINKING, and this is my point,,,why does satan use that symbol all the time,,,,, ANSWER,,,,FOR THE TREE THAT IS IN THE MIDST OF THE GARDEN DO NOT TOUCH OR EAT OF IT LEST YOU DIE————–it represent the garden of eden and satans first Lie,,,,,,,,,,just a thought,, praise the Lord Jesus and his Father Yaweh ((Yourway is right)) and YESHUA yesyouare the son of God,,,

  4. Hi, After warching the first CD I got worried about the stretching we do in gyms. What kind of stretching is related to yoga and what it is not? What exercise can I do to stretch my muscles before and after working out? Thanks. Ileana.

  5. Dear Erick,
    Thank you for sharing your testimony. I was extremely impacted!
    I want to share it with my family and relatives. However they speak Spanish only. Do you have copies in Spanish of the dragon revealed and other material aswell?
    I will really appreciate it so I can buy some copies to send it to my family.
    God bless you

  6. Dear Eric I have a question, I went to this counseling lady. She had a light going lenthwise, and this light would go back and forth. This motion is just like a pendulum swinging back and forth . While this light thing was happening we are suppose to let your thoughts just go and think about all the things that have happened to you in life, things that are bothing you. then after a few min. she will ask you what came to your mind in the min.s of the light therepy. I just cant help but think that this is another form of hypnotism. could you give me your thoughts on this please. Deb

    • Good evening Debbie,
      It is a blessing to meet you, and I thank you for your patience in waiting for my reply.
      Yes, this is a low grade form of hypnosis, mixed with past life regression techniques. The moving light is used to help the patient relax, let down their guard, and enter an altered state of consciousness (alpha brain wave, rather than beta brain wave state). Please feel free to write to us at our email below if we can be of any help . . . for your Saviour has promised you, and He verily cannot lie, that “He came to heal the broken hearted,” and restore joy and gladness to those under oppression ! ref: Luke 4:18-19 and Isaiah 61:1-4 part.4 Australia Series – The Dragon Revealed Down Under !

      My wife Sarah and I will begin lifting you in prayer and faith tonight. And look forward to hearing from you when you are able.
      May our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ both bless and keep you !
      your friend and brother in Him,
      Eric Wilson and family – Isaiah Ministries

  7. Dear Eric,
    I’ve already saw few of your videos at YouTube about your life and martial arts. Thank you for your work! It’s very important to tell the truth about those practices and its spiritual base.
    I wish you all the best and Gods helping hand at all your ways!
    How do I know what church now you are belongs to?

  8. Good day to you
    Thank you for the great article on about martial arts. I did different styles of martial arts in a time frame of 17 years. A few years ago The Lord showed me the dangers of martial arts, but I would like to get more truths regarding this. As a Holy Spirit filled child of God, The Holy Spirit tells me immediately if I do or say something that He does not approve of. I agree 100% with your article on the dangers of martial arts and I also discovered your website isaiahministries a few minutes ago. Thanks so much

    • Hi Sonja,
      grace and peace to you from our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ !

      I am so glad to hear what the LORD has done in your life, and that you are close to Him, and that you hear His Voice when He speak to you through His Spirit. If you will send us an email, I will be happy to help with any questions that you may have ( We are also sending you the link to part.4 of a new series that we just released from Australia. I pray that this also will be a blessing to you, and we look forward to hearing from you soon ! – The Dragon Revealed Down Under ! part.4

      May the LORD (Jehovah, Yehuwah) bless and keep you strong in faith, and the unfailing power of His Life-giving Word !
      your brother in Christ Jesus,
      Eric Wilson and family – Isaiah Ministries

  9. Bro Eric:
    We were very much inspired by the DVD,”Dragon Revealed”. We have translated it into Japanese. I want ask your favor if we could use it for distribution in Japan. This is needed in Okinawa especially.
    May God bless your ministry!

    • Dear brother Shigehiro Kinjo,

      Thank you so much for your help in sharing this message with God’s people there in your country. We praise Him for all that He is doing to win the hearts of men and women to Living faith in Christ Jesus !

      Yes, we do not mind at all if you share the first disc. of The Dragon Revealed ! We only ask that it be shared in it’s entirety, without editing or changing the disc. It took nearly 5 years to complete the film story, and we have done it exactly as the LORD led us, and we know that this true story will not only warn others if the dangers if the Eastern mystical arts, but most importantly, it will reveal our Saviour’s love and power, and His great desire to set every captive free !

      If you can, would you mind sending us the translated copy, so that we may also use it to help those who call for help. Right now we are receiving requests from around the world to have this translated into other languages. Please keep us and the men at Little Light Studios in your prayers, as we work to share the Glad Tidings of Salvation (freedom, deliverance and healing) in Christ Jesus with all that we can !

      I look forward to hearing back from you soon, and I also thank you for sending me the translated link or copy of the film. I am also including below, a link to part.4 of the new series which we just shared in Australia. This series is also available through Little Light Studios, as well as a 5 part series we shared on Amazing Discoveries (ADTV) last spring.

      I pray that each of these will bring Light, and hope and faith to those who see them. May the LORD (Jehovah, Yehuwah) both bless and keep you strong in faith, and the unfailing power of His Life-giving Word !

      your friend and brother in Christ Jesus,
      Eric Wilson and family – Isaiah Ministries
      (423) 477-7836

  10. Bro Eric:
    We are spreading SDA present truth through internet, “Sunrise Ministry”.
    We have translated your video”Dragon revealed”. I thought this will awaken the Okinawan people who are going same route like you.
    So, I’m wondering if you could give us permission to spread this truth Japanese people .
    May Good bless your ministry abundantly!
    Shigehiro Kinjo

  11. Thanks for stearing me away from internal martial arts…..and now I am working on not drinking and sigarets…Through Jesus!!!!!

  12. Beloved in the Lord,
    I salute you in the name of Jesus Christ.My name is pastor Joel of Jesus saves
    christian life centre based in Moi’sbridge town Kenya in East
    Thank you so much for the work you are doing in the building of the
    body of Christ as we prepare for his second coming. Be assured of my
    prayers are with you.
    I prayed and will again pray that the Lord BLESS YOU AND KEEP IGNITING
    Kindly, consider to visit and share the testimony of our Lord Jesus
    Christ and also help us to reach the lost in this region of Africa. I
    will really love if you will also consider to partner with me in the
    work of our Lord. I will be glad to see sinners turning to know God
    through your ministering here.
    Thank you so much and much blessings as i look forward to read from
    you shortly as the Lord wills.
    In the joy of the Lord pastor Joel Eshibwabo.

    • Thank you very much for sharing with us the link to brother Kent Hovind. We knew that the time was close for his release,
      but have not been able to find any details. This will be of help. And yes, my wife and I will lift him and his family in prayer.
      If you are able, please send us an email at our address (, and we will share with you so very powerful articles on faith and freedom
      in Christ !

      May the LORD bless and keep you strong in faith, and the power of His Life-giving Word !
      your brother and sister in Christ Jesus,
      Eric & Sarah Wilson and family – Isaiah Ministries

  13. Shalom. Could you please send me information on meditation? I have been spending time with a caring and lovely friend. Unfortunately she believes God accepts everyone, Christ is a prophet, Buddha has beautiful teachings and in the midst of all this also calls me legalistic for being so narrow minded. I have read your article on yoga and have asked some brothers at church whether to continue my friendship with Danielle. After considerable praying and asking for godly advice, I will no longer continue my relationship with her even if she is lovely…. I feel I am talking to someone with a different spirit and am feeling uncomfortable. I have tried hard to talk about the bible and its truths but have been unable to make any difference. I need to step right away. Am I reflecting Christ with this decision of severing the relationship all together? I feel sad. Silvana.

    • Shalom and good evening sister Sebben,

      I know that it can be difficult when someone we care for begins walking in darkness. But do not give up your faith.
      Begin today lifting her in faith and prayer, asking the LORD to fulfill His promise to you in Isaiah 49:8-26, Isaiah 42:16 and Acts 26:18. Our Father in heaven
      loves your friend even more than you do, and He will fight for her salvation, and all He asks is for you to intercede on her behalf.

      If you are able to, please send me an email at our email address (, and I will send you some very encouraging and powerful articles on faith and deliverance, and how to pray for those you love. I look forward to hearing from you soon. And may the LORD God (Yehuwah Elohim) bless and keep you strong in faith, and in the power of His Life-giving Word !

      your brother and sister in Christ Jesus,
      Eric & Sarah Wilson and family – Isaiah Ministries

      • Just came across this and wanted to share how the Lord delivered me from these things, right after I accepted the Lord from a message on “Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me.” Then immediately through a praying Christian who heard from God, put a book in the front seat of my car, and through its revealing scriptures in the context of me seeing where I had fallen into the hands of “Satan as god” without realizing it, I was convicted of sin and on obeying the word (as the book instructed), I was visited by the Holy Spirit of God right then and delivered of at least 50 things I was then convicted of by His Word. Thank you Lord for YOUR deliverance, for YOUR Word at work in us!
        I share this every chance I get, and pray.

  14. Would like to see trailers as advertised; but unable to access link. Also hoping sales on these greatly informative DVDs could be extended through November 26, for those of us who live on small budget. Thank you anyway for all that you do. Your Sister in Christ

  15. URGENT HEALING REQUEST: Looking for someone anointed with gifts of the spirit to call me or email me for manifestation of very critical healing miracle for total body restoration/regeneration for myself Mary and husband Jerry to be able to function/mobility and be effective in testimony. please, if possible a word of prophecy or knowledge concerning this expected healing miracle will happen. I believe the angels are around us. I believe Mark 11:24 and thanking our heavenly Father every day for this, Halleluyah.
    thank you, mary 970-282-8551

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